July 6, 2017


Welcome to WestCorkDigital’s Hardware Corner.

Here at WestCorkDigital we want to be able to provide you with everything you need if your bringing your business to the digital era.  We realized that along side the work we do in cyber space we’d also better supply people with the hardware they need. Just like our web design we do this with customer satisfaction in mind. We wanted to be able to give you something future proofed that will stand the test time, we wanted something with no installation, no set up, and no hassle.  We wanted to make sure your connection to the digital world is stable and reliable, With these In mind We’ve done just that


Below is our list of available pre-built pc’s all constructed with precision and care. Our components are sourced from only the most reputable suppliers with a 1 year warranty


Silent Executive High Intensity Work & Play PC

This is our most advanced build . This silent beast runs cool and quiet while pumping out all the performance one would expect from such a price point. For office work or play this pc rips through it all.

  • Intel’s i7  processor sets the stage for easy multitasking with i7 exclusive Hyper-threading capabilities.
  • Silent Be Quiet CPU water cooler for a a quiet elegant build
  • Nvidea’s latest generation graphics card leave you well ahead of the crowd with the all new GTX 1070
  • 16GB of  Corsair’s DDR4 RAM translates into a smoother browser experience for the user
  • 480GB SSD for Windows fast boot & your favorite applications
  • 3TB Hard Drive for serious storage capabilities. Never need to free up space again
  • High Grade long lasting specs Ideal for future proofing






Multi-Task Orientated Work Mini Build

This is our Executive builds younger brother. Still very capable at almost anything you could throw at it just not quite there with the heavy lifting. Great value money build with multi task & solid gaming capabilities at a great price, in a small form factor.

  • All new AMD Ryzen 6 core processor great for multitasking or mixed media.
  • Micro ATX form factor for a neater, lighter build while stilling having a great IO
  • Nvidea GTX 1050 ti Provides solid gaming performance at a good price
  • 12GB of DDR4 Ram for multi task
  • 2 Terabytes of internal HDD storage








Stylish All Rounder budget Gaming Mid Tower Build

Similar to our mini build in specs but not in appearance. This large and roomy all rounder is great statement maker and comes with all the bells and whistles the appearance suggests, but a far more competitive price point than one might think and great gaming performance for the cost


  • Overclocked Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor suited for light use.
  • 8gb of DDR4 adequate for most browsing.
  • Nvidea GTX 1050ti 4gb For 60 fps in triple A titles.
  • Stylish black and Red mid tower, sure to impress